Miami CBD Hemp Oil Guide

Miami CBD Hemp Oil Guide

The CBD oil Miami residents can obtain may seem amusing for some people, since the city is famously renowned as the setting of the anti-drug TV show Miami Vice. Though CBD can come from marijuana (which is still illegal under federal law), CBD oil from hemp is also available. It’s safe and legal, which is why you can just buy it online. In fact, if you’re looking for CBD oil in Miami you can just click this link here and you can order your CBD oil.

Facts about CBD Oil

CBD oil is classified as a supplement. Numerous findings have indicated that it’s one of the chemical compounds in marijuana that makes cannabis a medicine for many ailments.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which has been traditionally extracted from cannabis. It’s a cannabinoid (chemical compound that can come from marijuana, but it’s utterly different from THC which is another type of cannabinoid entirely. THC can make you feel high. CBD can’t.

It’s true that full spectrum CBD extracted from marijuana can contain trace amounts of THC. But it’s not true that this can get you high. That’s because the THC level is only at 0.3% so you’ll hardly notice it.

If the idea if CDB having THC (no matter how tiny the amount) bothers you, then you can opt for CBD isolate. This is the pure CBD from of the extract, and it doesn’t contain THC at all.

But even the idea of deriving the CBD from marijuana may still offend people. It’s even against federal law. It also makes this CBD oil a marijuana product that requires you to get a medical marijuana card and a prescription.

But now there’s CBD oil from hemp. Hemp is different from marijuana, and the CBD extract from hemp contains zero THC.

IS CBD Oil Legal?

Hemp is and has always been legal in the US. This means hemp-derived CBD oil is legal too. The federal government even enacted a law in 2018 confirming that CBD oil from hemp is absolutely legal and is not a marijuana product. That’s why you can buy it online freely without any fear. It’s sold openly in shops, and some businesses may only require you to show proof of age to buy it.

It’s a somewhat different matter when you buy CBD oil derived from cannabis sativa. This makes it a medical marijuana product, and to get it you will first have to apply for a medical marijuana card. This will involve costly visits to the doctor’s clinic for a physical evaluation.

What makes CBD oil legal is because it doesn’t contain THC, and that means there’s no way to use it to feel high. It’s also sold as a supplement, so it’s safe. You can use it according to its directions for use and not have any sort of problems. In fact, it solves problems like pain.

Where to Buy CBD Oil – Stores in Miami

Since CBD oil isn’t an illegal drug, you don’t have to be on the lookout for shifty-looking pushers on street corners. You can instead go to nice, licensed dispensaries and shops that can sell CBD oil over the counter. These include:

  • 101 Vapor & Smoke Shop on NW 27th Ave
  • Nutrition Empire on Ponce DeLeon Blvd
  • The Joint Smokeshop on Washington Ave
  • Nugbrand South Beach, with shops on Alton Rd, N Miami Ave, and NE 123rd Street North Miami


The real question here isn’t about the locations of the shops that sell CBD oil. It’s about why you’d even bother to go there when you can instead just have it delivered to your home. You can just order online and you’ll get it right to your front door, and there aren’t even any extra fees for the delivery service.

When you order online, it’s quick and easy. You then can have it delivered, so you won’t have to drive. You save on fuel and you spare yourself the effort, which can be convenient if you’re already in pain. You don’t have to suffer from traffic and you don’t need to hunt for a place to park your car.

So do yourself a favor. If you’re thinking about buying CBD oil in Miami, just use our handy link!