Las Vegas CBD Hemp Oil Guide

Las Vegas CBD Hemp Oil Guide

Rumor has it that you can get just about anything in Las Vegas. That may or may not be true, but what’s true is that you can get marijuana and its by-products legally in the whole state of Nevada. It’s one of the states that allows for recreational use of marijuana. However, the CBD oil Las Vegas residents get isn’t really for recreational use, as it’s a supplement that can help with various ailments. You can get that right here by clicking on this link, and the CBD oil will be delivered to you ASAP.

Facts about CBD Hemp Oil

CBD oil is extracted from cannabis sativa or marijuana. CBD actually refers to cannabidiol, which is the cannabinoid or chemical compound found in cannabis that can help with numerous ailments. CBD is different from THC, which makes you high.

In full spectrum CBD, the extract contains minute traces of all the other cannabinoids. So it means it also contains THC. But this doesn’t make it a recreational drug, because the THC content is so low at 0.3% that it’s practically negligible. You just won’t feel it.

But if you’re wary about taking any level of THC, you can instead opt for CBD isolate. This is the purer form of CBD, as the extract doesn’t contain any of the other cannabinoids at all. That means no THC content as well.

Still, this CBD is from marijuana and some people find that fact discomforting. It is after all still illegal under federal law. That’s why there’s hemp-derived CBD oil. This doesn’t contain THC, and hemp is different from marijuana.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Las Vegas?

The answer is pretty much yes. While you can obtain a medical marijuana card to get marijuana for your treatment, the fact that you can obtain marijuana for recreational purposes legally means that you don’t have to have a card. You don’t need a prescription, although you’re basically restricted from using this anywhere but in your own private residence.

But this legality only pertains to state law. Under federal law, marijuana-derived CBD oil is still illegal. That’s why you may need to use cash to buy the stuff. There’s also the small risk of being arrested for marijuana possession by a federal agent.

If you don’t want to gamble with marijuana-derived CBD oil, you can just opt for CBD oil extracted from hemp instead. This type is absolutely legal. The federal government emphasized this point by enacting a 2018 law specifically recognizing hemp-derived CBD oil as absolutely legal in all the states of the US. There are no restrictions on its use, although some businesses may insist on selling on to people over the age of 21.

So you can order this online with no problem. You can use your credit card. If you buy it and have it on your person during a police search, you won’t be convicted of any crime even under federal law. Some places do prohibit the use of any type of CBD oil within their premises, however.

Where to Buy CBD Oil – Stores in Las Vegas

There are actually plenty of shops in the city of Las Vegas that sells CBD oil, and listing all of them can take up too much time. But here are some of the more prominent shops:

  • Kratom Luam Smoke Shop on S Decatur Blvd
  • Smoke Vapor Kratom CBD Shop on W Warm Springs Rd
  • Smokes Mart on W Flamingo Rd
  • Still Smoking Vapor & Smoke Shop on S Decatur Blvd,
  • Vapor Max on N Stephanie St

These shops are just some of the places you can find in Las Vegas that sell CBD Oil. But there’s actually no good reason why you’d even have to go out to buy the stuff in the first place. You can simply go online and the CBD oil will come to you instead.


When you have CBD oil delivered, you get hemp-derived CBD oil that works just as well as the marijuana-derived version. But you don’t need to worry about federal law. You don’t need to worry about traffic, car accidents, and find a parking space. You don’t need to expend effort and use fuel. Just stay home, relax, and get your CBD oil delivered. You don’t even need to pay extra for the delivery service at all.