Florida CBD Hemp Oil Guide

Florida CBD Hemp Oil Guide

Florida is one of the largest markets for CBD oil in the whole US. In fact, it’s next only to California in the number of retail sales for CBD oil. It’s probably understandable, given that the state is among the favorite locations for retirees who may need CBD oil for various medical conditions. CBD oil in Florida is legal, and in fact you can safely and legally buy it online from here.

But to dispel any misinformation regarding the legality of CBD oil, the current standing of medical marijuana in the state has to be explained.

Facts about CBD Hemp Oil

Medical marijuana is legal for certain medical conditions in the state. It can come in several forms, and one of them is CBD oil. This is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid or chemical compound. It’s different from THC, which is also another cannabinoid found in cannabis sativa. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t get you high at all. THC is the psychoactive agent. CBD isn’t.

There have been some concerns voiced about full spectrum CBD, which is a form of CND extract that contains minute amounts of the other cannabinoids in the cannabis sativa. This naturally means that this type of CBD oil contains THC, but it doesn’t mean that it can cause feelings of getting “high”. The fact is that the THC content in this form is simply too little to have any effect, as the THC level amounts to just 0.3%.

But there’s another option called CBD oil isolate and this form doesn’t contain any of the other cannabinoids. It is basically pure CBD, without any THC content at all. It’s impossible for anyone to get high using CBD oil isolate.

What still concerns some people is that this CBD oil is extracted from cannabis sativa, or marijuana. Federal law states that marijuana and all its forms are banned, and so they’re not comfortable using CBD oil extracted from cannabis sativa.

But CBD doesn’t have to be extracted from cannabis sativa at all. In fact, the CBD can be extracted from hemp instead. Its effects are the same as hemp and marijuana are related and CBD is CBD. But hemp is not considered marijuana by federal law, as its THC content is already low at 0.3%.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Florida?

If you’re referring to the CBD oil derived from hemp, then yes it is absolutely legal. State and federal law allows for its sale and use. In fact, the US federal government enacted a 2018 law expressly specifying that hemp and CBD oil derived from hemp are all legal to buy in all the 50 states. There are no requirements regarding medical registration cards or medical prescriptions. All you really need is a valid ID that shows you’re an adult, although some shops may not even have this requirement.

It’s a different case with CBD oil from marijuana. You’ll first need to get physical evaluations from doctors, and it can cost $200 per visit (and you may need more than one). Then you need to become eligible for using low-THC cannabis and CBD oil. As marijuana (including CBD oil from cannabis sativa) is still illegal under federal law, you need to buy it in cash.

Where to Buy CBD Oil – Stores in Florida

As Florida is a huge market for CBD oil, you have plenty of shops to pick from wherever in Florida you may be.

More places include Best Smoke in Tampa, Blue Crystal Cornucopia in Gainesville, New Start Vapor in Atlantic Beach, and CBD HUGS in Jacksonville.


Of course, you can save yourself the trouble of going through the tedious medical registration and prescription process simply by opting for CBD oil derived from hemp. What’s more, you can then avoid the hassle of traffic and potential legal hassles by just ordering hemp-derived CBD oil online. It’s discreet, quick, safe, and entirely legal—what more do you want? Even the delivery is free!