Birmingham CBD Oil Guide

Birmingham CBD Oil Guide

The level of demand for CBD oil from Birmingham residents is quite natural, given that the city is next only to London in population size. News reports of CBD oil’s medicinal properties have spread throughout the UK, and that’s why demand for it is growing. It has also affected UK laws regarding medicinal marijuana (including marijuana-derived CBD oil) which can now be medically prescribed starting in November 2018. If you think that CBD oil can help you, then you can just order through this link here.

Facts about CBD Hemp Oil

CBD oil contains CBD or cannabidiol. This is a cannabinoid or chemical compound found in cannabis sativa (marijuana). This is different from THC, which is another cannabinoid that’s responsible for making marijuana users feel high. CDB isn’t a psychoactive agent like THC is.

CBD has been shown to help with numerous ailments and treatments. It can alleviate headaches and migraines, along with muscle and joint pain. Those with anxiety or depression often find it effective in treating their conditions. It can be part of a complete solution for conditions such as epilepsy and cancer.

The problem is that marijuana is severely restricted in the UK, and that’s because of the THC content. This is a relevant factor when the CBD is extracted from cannabis sativa as full spectrum CBD. This means it contains trace amounts of the other 113 cannabinoids, including THC. While the THC content is basically negligible at less than 0.3%, this may still exceed UK limits of 0.2% THC.

This is why CBD is sometimes extracted as CBD isolate. The extraction process results in pure CBD with no trace amounts of THC or the other cannabinoids.

However, the fact that it is still a marijuana product can subject the CBD oil to severe restrictions. That is why there is now CBD oil derived from hemp, which is another category altogether. It already starts with just 0.3% THC, so the CBD extract from hemp virtually contains zero THC.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Birmingham?

The short answer to this is yes, it is. That’s because the CBD oil you’re likely to find in shop shelves come from industrial hemp.

It’s true that medicinal marijuana including cannabis-derived CBD oil can now be medically prescribed starting in November 2018. But that rule doesn’t apply to hemp-derived CBD oil because its THC content is basically zero. That’s why it’s openly sold in the UK including Birmingham.

The only restriction is that the CBD oil product must be marketed as a supplement. It cannot list medicinal benefits because it is not licensed as a medicine. As a supplement, it can therefore be bought over the counter, or even online.

Where to Buy CBD Oil –Stores in Birmingham

The first CBD oil store to open in Birmingham is the CBD Store on Highway 280. It is located by the Bailey Brothers Music store near Inverness.

However, the boom in CBD oil sales began when CBD oil products became available on the shelves of Holland and Barret shops. Here are some locations that you should visit if you wish to buy CBD oil from a Holland and Barret shop in Birmingham:

  • Grand Central Shopping Centre, Hill St
  • Bullring & Grand Central, St Martin’s Walk
  • Soho Rd, Handsworth
  • Scots Corner, High St
  • One Stop Shopping Centre, Walsall Rd
  • Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Birmingham
  • Central Square Shopping Centre, High St
  • Stratford Rd, Shirley

These shops are generally open every day, though they may open later and close earlier on Saturdays and Sundays.

However, it may be much more convenient for you to just order it online and have it delivered to your door. The delivery service is free and does not come with an extra charge. You won’t have to use up fuel and endure traffic. You can instead just relax at home and watch the telly as the CBD oil comes to your door. This is obviously a better option if you’re already in pain.


CBD oil can help with numerous conditions, and it’s simple to use. It’s even much simpler to buy especially when you get it online and have it delivered. Whether you have heads or pain, relief is right around the corner with the best CBD oil in Birmingham.